Thursday, 11 February 2010

Handy Work

On tuesday the first thing we did was rolling up our right sleeves for the purposes of gauging correct right arm positioning. We spent the first half of the practice without men/kote on. This practice was much like the other night, but our focus was almost entirely on handwork, ensuring the thumbs were in the correct forward position.

Over the course of the evening I developed a very light tennis elbow that I'm trying to figure out. Obviously its from excessive tension in chudan and/or cutting, but my arms dont feel like they could be any less tense and still maintain correct chudan. Perhaps the way so solve this is some outside view on wether the chudan is indeed correct, either by camera, mirror, or asking someone. if it's cutting then I think it probably stems from overextending, and reduces back to maintaining correct cutting distance and managing that distance with the arms and not the legs. To be honest I expect to gain improvements from both of the above measures so will probably take both steps.

Again like before the practice of the evening was 'reverse engineering' from the final step of the cut back down to the cut itself, anf finally the pre-cut creation of the opportunity. In the other nights case we practiced this taking of the centre line by stepping off-angle (very very slghtly) and inwards.

Things to improve from the evening are better distinction between lifting with the shoulders and snapping down with the wrists/hands, and making distance with feet instead of hands, allowing a correct cutting shape in the end rather than a compromised over-extended posture.

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